About Us

Crafting the superior event experience

Activated Events is a premier outdoor events company that produces a wide range of events throughout California and Arizona including large scale country music festivals, EDM/POP festivals, alternative rock shows and the west coast’s biggest outdoor movie series. Activated Events specializes in finding unique outdoor venues and combining them with great artists for once in a lifetime music experiences. Our events cater to the tastemakers and trendsetters and are predominately a 21+ crowd.  We’ve found that with our amazing venues comes the opportunity for brands to be woven into the fabric of the event and find creative ways to make a lasting impression.

Steve Thacher


Adam Villareal

Director of Operations

Lelani Kroeker

Director of Events

Nicole Reis

Director of Marketing

Johnny Setser

Production Manager

Alex Will

Director of Brand Partnerships

Kim Bengel

Executive Assistant

Lexia Chamryk

Artist Relations

Nancy Stevens

Food & Beverage Manager

Matt Atkinson

IT/Data Specialist

Arron Buffington

Vendor Coordinator

Samantha Middleton


Our Brands

Boots In The Park Coastal Country Jam Fiesta De Taco High Tide Festival Freestyle Festival  Festival Libertad Wet Electric Beachfront Cinema